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Why content is so much important in SEO?

Why content is so much important in SEO?

Content is the king of any website, whatever it may be a blog or any business website. It plays a major role in ranking on SERP. An unique quality content with keywords always preferable for doing SEO(Search Engine Optimization). But a content without keywords and doing lots of adwords and SEO, there will be no good effects on raking on SERP(Search Engine Rank Page). Google search crawler searches for good, informative, updated, error free quality content. When your content fulfills all the needs then automatically your website comes on top of ranking.

Without doing SEO but having, good quality content, your website can rank on the top of SERP. Because SEO comes after quality content. It also demands particular keywords for specific content that is user friendly and have the ability to hold traffic on your website.

Bad content with no keywords, repeated lines, copy pasted from others, can severely affects on the ranking on SERP.

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