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What is search index and how does it work?

What is search index and how does it work?

In the era of fast speed internet no one wants to waste their time in finding one search term on google. Today search engines work extremely fast. Within fraction of seconds search engine fetch your search result from internet. Without a search index it is hard to display search results within seconds. Incase of not having search index, search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Internet Explorer etc.) take up resources directly from the server and make the site slower.

What is search engine index?

A webpage that has been discovered by the search engine is added into a data structure called search engine index. The index contains URLs, keywords, content, links, freshness of the page, user engagement etc.

Let’s simplify this.

You might have seen index in any traditional book, which helps you in finding relevant information within seconds. Usually index places at the last page and words in index arrange alphabetically that helps you to find the particular keyword connected with your content of desire.

Same happens in search index. It allows the user to quickly find useful information related to a particular keyword. In contrast with traditional books, search index has so many technological advantages and great tools. This supports website visitors in getting what they want faster.

How search index works?

First a website or webpage is uploaded on internet. Then web crawler or web spider which is a kind of software collects all the contents from the webpage. After that this data converts to an index and stored in server. Web spider tries to include all the keywords in search index, so that anyone types any related keyword then it can support queries with combined search terms. When a user types a query, the search engine finds documents in search index that includes file, content, likes, highlights, pictures, URLs etc.

What happened when a search is performed?

When a query enters in an search engine then an algorithm used to hierarchically rank the relevant pages into a set of results.

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