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What is black hat and white hat SEO?

What is black hat and white hat SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a combination of optimization tools and techniques used for optimization of your website. Optimize in the sense of using various types of tools and strategies to improve your website performance on SERP. There are lots of techniques that use for website optimization. As there are two  ways of doing any work one is good and another is bad, also there are two types of SEOs. On the basis of tools and techniques there are black hat and white hat SEO. From these two names it is quite clear that black means bad and white means good. These two terms come from western movies, where a cowboy wearing black hat denotes bad person and another wearing white hat denotes good person. As saying before, black hat and white hat SEO both have the same purpose i.e. high rank on SERP, but have different methods of doing SEO.

Let’s know details about these both types of SEO:

Black Hat SEO:

Google has some Webmaster Guidelines. According to these guidelines search engine decides if it is black hat SEO or not. Black hat SEO users never think of user experience. They only need high rank on SERP and this high rank leads to more traffic.

What does black hat SEO work?
  • Violates search engine guidelines: Black hat SEO users don’t follow the rules mentioned in the Webmaster Guidelines.
  •  Short term goals: By doing black hat SEO you can achieve short term goals. Within very short time without any efforts you can rank on top of SERP. But this position is very short lived. Because google always updates it’s algorithm. So it is impossible to make fool search engines all the times.
  • Uses of manipulative tactics: Manipulates Google’s algorithm to improve rankings.
What are the techniques used for doing black hat SEO?

Some of those techniques are described below.

  • Keyword stuffing: Filled up with unnecessary keywords and excess use of keywords is one type of black hat SEO. Because search engine only searches for keywords, it cannot evaluate either it is necessary or not.
  • Doorway pages: These are those unwanted pages act as mediator between the site and the audience. These pages are created for specific keywords. Sometimes these keywords have nothing to do with the users.
  • Cloaking: It involves the practice of showing one content to search engine and another content to users. For ex. if you type for physics then it will show physics to search engine and chemistry to users.
  • Automation of contents: Automation of content means generation of content without the help of human, only by using machines. This machine generated content is very compatible with the search engine.
  • Hidden texts or links: These are the deceptive forms of links and also invisible to the users. It can be in the form of comma, full-stop or any other small features that can not be easily accessible to human eyes.

It can be done in some following ways.

  1. Uses of same text color as of background. Because when hovering over it it does not appear that any hidden link is there.
  2. Resizing the font size to zero.
  3. Hiding behind any image.
  4. Placing the links under very small characters like full-stop or comma.
  • Duplicate content: Google has updated it’s algorithm to analyze if the content in your site is original or stolen from any other site.
  • Sneaky redirects: If any browser redirects you to another URL which is none of your search queries then it is called sneaky redirects. It is done for some malicious activities.
  • Paid links: When you are selling your website’s URL to any directories for getting high domain authority then it falls under black hat SEO category.
What are the consequences of doing black hat SEO?

Doing black hat SEO can harm your brand and websites in multiple ways.

  • creates only short term results.
  • google can penalized your website in the future.
  • google can totally ban your website from search index.
  • creates very bad impacts on audience.
  • audiences don’t return to your website.
  • lowers the search rankings.
White Hat SEO:

If you will follow the basic principles of SEO, not go for any misleading practices like black hat SEO and put an effort for better user experience, then you are doing White hat SEO.

What are the white hat SEO techniques?
  • focusing on user experience: Good user experience is the key success of your website.
  • Maintaining search engine’s terms of services: Google’s most accepted guideline is webmaster guidelines. In this guidelines google has set up all the rules that is followed by white hat SEO users. Sum up all the rules and guidelines it is concluded that don’t be manipulative.
  • Providing high quality content: Content is the king of your website. If your content impresses your audience then they will come to your site repeated times.
  • Updated content: Providing updated and useful content to the users sets long term goals.
  • Using meta tags: Using meta tags in your content help audiences find your content.
  • Link building: Increasing the number and quality of inbound links can higher your site’s rank on SERP.
  • Increasing page speed: Users don’t have to wait for more than a fractions of seconds.
  • Proper usage of keywords: Proper usage of keywords in heading, meta tags and content can improve your site’s ranking.
  • Mobile friendliness: Very beneficial for all type of users.
Advantages of using white hat SEO:
  • Users comeback repeated times that safeguard your business reputation.
  • Time taking approach, but have long term goal.
  • Noticed by google and other search engines.
What is the difference between black hat and white hat SEO?
Black Hat SEO White Hat SEO
1.Does not focus on user experience. 1.Focuses on user experience.
2.Manipulates search engine’s algorithm. 2.Doesn’t manipulate search engine’s algorithm.
3.Known as unethical SEO. 3.Known as ethical SEO.
4.Used for short term goals. 4.Used for long term goals.
5.Contains paid links. 5.Contains natural links.
6.Uses of irrelevant back links. 6.Organically gets links for quality content.
7.Machine generated content. 7.Content written by human.
8.Financial return for short term goal. 8.Financial return for long term.
9.It includes cloaking, doorway pages, sneaky redirects etc. 9.It includes quality content, meta tags, quality back links, etc.
10.Site can be penalized and deindexed. 10.No worries of penalization.

Often you can come across of what is the best practices while doing SEO. In my opinion it must be White hat SEO. So many people use black hat SEO for easy financial return with less effort. It may help you to achieve your goals but only for short term. While lots of people go for white hat SEO. Because they only want good user experience for long term achievements.

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