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Problem in activation of MonsterInsights plugin in WordPress ?

Problem in activation of MonsterInsights plugin in WordPress ?

MonsterInsights is a inbuild plugin in WordPress dashboard , but it is not activated yet. Sometimes there is some problems in activation of this plugin. For activation you have to follow some steps.

After creating a wordPress account and after opening the dashboard it will show the MonsterInsights plugin sign. It always pops up whenever i come to my dashboard and always reminds me to activate this plugin.

Why you should activate this plugin?

After activating this plugin you can see the page views , average duration on page , total users etc. But before that you have to connect it with google analytics.

If you have any problem regarding the activation of this plugin then follow the given below steps. I hope this will help you out in this process.

Let’s started…


welcome page

Choose a category and click on save and continue.


Connect MonsterInsights

Click on Connect MonsterInsights.

Choose an account

Choose a gmail account.

Trust MonsterInsights

Click on allow.

After selecting a gmail account then comes to the property setup. Put your domain name in domain name and property section both.

About your business

Choose the number of people is in your team. If there is only one person choose small. Click on next.

Google Analytics with your business

Check all the options and then click on create.

Data processing terms

Click on the checkbox of the data processing terms and then i accept the agreement.

Then it will show this page.

email communication

Click on save. You can check any of the options given in the dropdown menu.

Now you have connected your website with google analytics.

Connected with Google Analytics

Check i agree and click on complete connection.


After finalizing authentication go back to MonsterInsights page.

Click on save and continue.

If you go for upgrade to pro then these all are paid. If you are not interested then simply click on save and continue.

Finish setup

Then click on finish the setup and exit the wizard.

After all this , if still there is any problem then go to plugin section and update the plugin.


Click on the insights and it will show you the page views , avg. duration , total users etc.

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