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How to check keyword difficulty for free?

How to check keyword difficulty for free?

Checking keyword difficulties for content writing is so much important.

Why is it so?

Let’s talk about difficulty level of keywords !

Difficulty level of any keyword depends upon the Page Authority (PA) , Domain Authority (DA) , Link Equity . All the pages which rank high on google SERP ( Search Engine Result Page) , the above mentioned factors are also high for those pages. Keyword Difficulty or SD ( SEO Difficulty) for the words which are on those pages are too hard to compete. Because lots of articles , blogs and websites already have written for the topic.

Categorised on the basis of Keyword Difficulty :

Difficulty Level Category

0 – 14 Very easy

15 – 29 Easy

30 – 49 Possible

50 – 69 Difficult

70 – 84 Hard

85 – 100 Super Hard

So what we have to do?

We have to choose low competitive keywords or low difficult keywords , so that there may be a possibility to rank on SERP .

How to check the difficulty level of any keyword?

There are so many tools , websites and extensions to measure the difficulty level of any keyword. But most of them are paid. Here are some of the sites that can provide you the data for some time after that it will show that you are exhausted for the free services , then either you have to go for their paid one or you will be not able to use their data.

Here are some of the sites…

#1 Ahrefs:

In Ahrefs you can check difficulty level only for short keywords for free , for long tail keywords you have to sign up for their paid version. You can try a 7 days trial for $7.

No 1.

Type your desirable keyword in the search bar and check the keyword difficulty.

No 2.

#2 MozBar :

In MozBar you will see PA and DA of any sites . So that you can check the keyword difficulty level.

No 1.

You have to first log in to Moz or have to create an account .

No 2.

Put your name , password , display name and create an account.

No 3.

Here you can check your keyword difficulty but only up to 10 queries.

You can also go for MozBar extension.

No 4.

Click the download button.

No 5.

Click on the add to chrome button.

No 6.

Click on the add extension.

No 7.

Click on the “M” button present on the search bar and it is blue means the extension is activated.

No 8.

After adding the extension you can find PA and DA of every search page , so here you can find what is the level of difficulty of the keywords of this pages.

#3 Keywords Everywhere :

The Keywords Everywhere extension will show you the difficulty level and also suggests so many related keywords.

No 1.

Click on the install for chrome option.

No 2.

Click on the add to chrome option.

No 3.

Click on the extension button then a dropdown box will open , you have to click on the pin sign beside the “k” symbol. Then the extension will be activated.

No 4.

Here you will see the difficulty level and related keywords on right side of web browser.

#4 KWFinder :

After sign up in KWFinder you will be able to use this site for free only for 10 days.

No 1.

After putting keywords here click on the find keywords option.

No 2.

You can find keyword difficulty on right side and and related keywords on the left side of the webpage.

#5 Ubersuggest :

Add Ubersuggest chrome extension to your google chrome and find the keyword difficulty and related keywords.

No 1.

Click on the add to chrome and activate it. After activation the “U” sign will show on the right side of the corner.

No 2.

Here you can find SD ( SEO Difficulty or Keyword Difficulty) and related keywords for free.

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