Android Apps which are not Available for iPhone

Buzz Launcher

Buzz Launcher is a theme replacement for Android which is simple to navigate and it comes with lot of features and even bunch of themes to give a new look to your home screen. With a singletouch a new home screen applies instantly. Swiping up from the bottom of the phone appears the menu and you can press and hold anywhere on the screen to access settings.

Link Bubble Browser

Link Bubble Browser is all new browser created for people to share links on Facebook and Twitter. This browser lets you to browser Facebook or Twitter while your links are loading in the background. You can even load multiple links at same time from your current app. Link Bubble Browser has pro option in which a lot more options are there compared to normal app.


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Chrome Web Store Gives Bad Extensions the Boot


Google has given its Chrome Store a spring cleaning, ridding it of more than 200 browser add-ons and extensions that may have been delivering spyware and malware to users. “Obviously, they need to put more work into screening of uploads to the Chrome Store if it should be considered a trusted source,” noted Martin Zetterlund, founder of ScrapeSentry.

Google recently purged some 200 extensions from its Chrome Store inventory. Extensions and add-ons let users add functions and features to the Chrome Web browser, but bad extensions can expose users to a greater risk of spyware and malware. A major problem with many browser add-ons is ad injectors.

The clean-up resulted from an extensive search for embedded code that violates Google’s policies, triggered by increasing user complaints.

Google has been studying add-on security risks with a team at the University of California, Berkeley, and will release a full report of its findings on May 1.

“It is not so much the security of the Chrome browser as the security in having an open store for downloading extensions,” noted Martin Zetterlund, founder of ScrapeSentry.

“I am sure Google automatically screens any extension uploaded — but the bad guys will, of course, do their best to trick automatic screening,” he told LinuxInsider. (more…)

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